Step-By-Step Instructions for a Great Shoot!

So, you’ve Booked Your Shoot and it’s Shoot Day.  Now What?

To familiarize yourself with the following information, click on the each “Section Heading” below to access helpful tips and information.

Great Preparation = Great Photos! 

Creating a Calm, Relaxed ‘Vibe’
Our Golden Rule: A Calm Pet is a Happy Pet. And Happy Pets Take Great Photos!

Our Studio offers a calm, cool and safe atmosphere.

pawprintofoto-gallery-143Some pets may be mildly overwhelmed or just curious their first time in the Studio.  Your dog keys off of your energy – so we ask that you arrive on time, relax and talk with your pet to let them know they are in for a fun event.

Tips to Create a Calm, Relaxed ‘Vibe’:

  • DO NOT get your pet groomed on the same day as the shoot – that’s too much stress for one day!
  • Consider taking your pet for a short walk in the morning.
  • Feed your pet normally and let them “do their business” before arriving at the studio.
  • Please limit the amount of water they drink before the Shoot.
  • Everyone love compliments: Tell your pet how pretty / handsome they look.
  • Things to bring: Your pet’s favorite treats, and any toys, costumes and props you might want to use.
  • Please arrive about 10 minutes before your Shoot Time.
  • When you arrive, take a stroll and let your pet “do their business” one more time before entering the Studio.
Arriving and Acclimating to a New Environment
Your appointment is set for ONE HOUR, and we do everything we can to run “On Time.”

pawprintofoto-gallery-101Your session consists of 30 minutes with the photographer and 30 minutes viewing and ordering your images and custom photo products.

To prepare for your Shoot, please familiarize yourself with Sets & Backgrounds and our Affordable Packages before you arrive.

Click ‘Here’ to review our Sets & Backgrounds

Click ‘Here’ to review our Affordable Packages.

At your Shoot Time we will be expecting you.  Please come on into the Studio.

Here’s how we acclimate your pet, and prepare for the Shoot:

  • Let your pet sniff around and familiarize themselves so they feel safe, comfortable and happy.  (Yes, they are allowed on the sofa – we are pet friendly!)
  • Though our specialty is pet photography, a number of customers request to pose with their pets too.  Please let us know if you’d like to be in some of the shots.
  • We’ll provide an overview of the Shoot, choose the sets & props, and ask if you have any special requests.
  • Please note, there may be other pets in the seating area so let’s be cautious and courteous, and make sure all pets are properly controlled.

Remember: Sometimes pets have an “off” day, just like people.  We ask for your patience and understanding if/when unforeseen issues arise.

Entering the Studio and the Shoot Begins

It’s very important to stay relaxed and have fun!

pawprintofoto-gallery-153At Shoot Time, we’ll all move into the studio together – you, your pet and the photographer.

The photographer will guide you and your pet through the Shoot.  They will explain where to stand, give basic directions and take care of all the scene changes.

In most cases, we will need your help in positioning, moving, dressing and prompting your pet.  We use whistles, barks, squeeze toys, and your voice to get your pet’s attention and then we’ll click away!

Most 30 minute shoots allow for 3-5 scene changes.

In come cases, pets become very distracted when their humans are in the Studio. This is very normal, and we usually work through it. The photographer may ask you to wait in the seating area.

Again, this is very normal and we find that pets working one-on-one with gentle “strangers” helps them calm down, focus, and take some great photos.

The Shoot is quite fun with lots of laughing and special moments.  You’ll quickly be able to tell when we “Got It!”

Selecting Images and Ordering Photos
There are many images to view…Here’s how the 30-minute process goes.

gaat-041616-img_9549You and your pet return to the seating area.  Be ready to smile, laugh and see your best friend on screen!

Click ‘Here’ to review our Affordable Packages.

Three easy steps:

  1. View The Shoot:  We are looking for “I Like It!” images. We quickly identify images that capture their special “look.”
  2. Select a Package:  We’ll review the “I Like It!” images, find the “I Love It!” images and choose your prints and “lifetime” pieces.
  3. Place Your Order: We finalize your order and collect payment. It’s that simple!

We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

Please keep an eye on the time.  Our next customer is getting ready to view their images too.

It’s only 30 minutes, but your face will hurt from smiling so much!

Picking Up Your Photos and Purchasing Reprints and Additional Items
pawprintofoto-gallery-116Our standard delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

We will drop your order off with the “Host” and let you know it’s ready for pick up.

Remember: Your “Host” loves seeing your Photos too!

Go Online to Purchase Reprints, Downloads and Additional Items

Soon after delivery, all your images will be available via our Online Store.  We will send you an email and link once they are posted.

You may purchase reprints, downloads and other custom photo products, including mugs, kitchen magnets, and other fun stuff directly from the site.

Our online store address is:

We are committed to 100% satisfaction!

If you have any questions or concerns with your order, please contact Cynthia immediately at 310-751-8749.

We’ll do everything we can to answer your questions and make it right!

Additional Do’s and Dont’s to Consider

  • Please make sure to arrive about 10-15 minutes before your Shoot Time.
  • Please feel free to bring your own costumes and treats.
  • Please potty your pet before your appointment.
  • Please give us at least 24 hours notice if you need to change or cancel your appointment.
  • Please inform us if your pet is aggressive, doesn’t like other pets, and/or is prone to biting.
  • Please keep a calm, relaxed, positive attitude – your pet is watching!


  • Please DO NOT have your pet groomed on the same day as the photo shoot.  It’s very stressful to do both on the same day.
  • Please DO NOT arrive too early.
  • Please DO NOT bring your pet when they are wet or excessively dirty.
  • Please DO NOT forget to pick up after your pet – we all need to be respectful of our Host’s environment.

Thank you for using Paw Print Foto.

We love creating lasting memories and making pets (and their owners) smile!